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Subterranean Termite Protection Builder’s Guarantee, as indicated in MLs 99-03 and ML 01-04, providing a 1-year guarantee and indicating that one of the following accepted treatment methods was used:

  1. Bait system, OR
  2. Wood (pressure preservative treated wood as outlined in ML 01-04) – Under “Type of Treatment”, check the box titled “wood” and add statement “Complies with Mortgagee Letter 2001-04 for use of preservative treated wood”, OR
  3. Soil (Chemical Soil treatment) – HUD-NPCA-99-B is to be used with form HUD-NPCA-99-A only if the property is treated with a soil termiticide. (The licensed pest control company is responsible for completing form HUD-NPCA-99-B, as appropriate, and providing it to the builder who is responsible for distribution. Please see: ML99-03.) OR
  4. Buildings using steel, masonry or concrete building components (with only minor interior wood trim and roof sheathing.) – Under “Type of Treatment” on form the builder is to add in the space to the right of the box titled “Soil” the statement “Masonry (steel, or concrete) construction, no treatment needed. Complies with ML 01-04.”

The use of post-construction soil treatment where a chemical termiticide is applied only around the perimeter of the foundation is NOT acceptable.

Note: All chemical soil treatments, bait systems, and chemical wood treatment must be approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and applied in accordance with the EPA label instructions.